My Husband is Superman! – Tracey Walker Banks Story

Be anxious about nothing. Be prayerful about everything. Be thankful for all things — Philippians 4:6-7

Care giving is usually left to the females in our lives. My mother, daughters, sister and cousin were my champions. My collective family support system was well beyond belief however, it was the men in my family that embraced the challenge to provide me with ultimate support. My brother, my son and my husband showed me that men can be strong yet sensitive, brave yet bothered, and cautious yet calm.

Tracey Walker Banks displays a box filled with hand written notes of encouragement given to her by friends. She read the notes while receiving treatment.

Tracey Walker Banks displays a box filled with hand written notes of encouragement given to her by friends. She read the notes while receiving treatment.

My brother, Ronny, is a real life GI Joe. At the time of my surgery, he was in Northern Iraq conducting a site survey for his new assignment as an Operations Officer for a Cavalry Squadron.  Regretfully, I did not tell him about my condition. When he returned home, he was informed of the surgery and immediately came to my bedside. After admonishing me for not telling him about it before he left, he immediately began wearing a pink bracelet in my support. He made doctor appointments and reluctantly watched Real Housewives with me for as long as I wanted to. Before deploying, he took me to get my hair cut. I wanted my hair loss to be on my terms. With tears in my eyes, as my beautician clipped away at my shoulder length hair, he just kept reminding me that I would be snazzy with a short hair-do. He was right. My brother was in a Bradley tank, in the middle of a war zone, proudly wearing his pink band of support.

The love a son has for his mother is a love like no other. My son Xavier’s excitement of high school was quickly eclipsed by his concern about me. He approached this journey with incomprehensible maturity for a 14 year old. The day after learning of my diagnosis, he walked with me in the Dallas-Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Three months after my surgery he had established the Cancer Awareness Club at his school in Texas and started raising funds for cancer research.  He wore a breast cancer pin for two years after my surgery to show his support for his mom.  Xavier currently sits on the board for the Southwest Valley American Cancer Society Relay for Life. He coordinates Valley Teen groups for the relay. He continues to volunteer with Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure annually. He IS a breast cancer advocate.

My husband, Howard, is Superman. Even before the confirmation of the cancer, he was there supporting me emotionally, spiritually and physically. He never had a sense of panic and was always calm no matter the news. He bathed me, dressed me and fed me. In anticipation of my baldness, he shaved his head first. When I was at my lowest, he would sit and read me the Book of Job. He always reminded me of God’s love and His promise of healing. The thing that I love about my husband is that no matter how fragile I appeared, he never looked at me with pity or sorrow. I never felt I was anything less than his beautiful wife.

The journey of cancer can highlight character not often seen in our loved ones. I am grateful to have known unconditional love, caring and support from my three men.

10 thoughts on “My Husband is Superman! – Tracey Walker Banks Story

  1. I have blessed to know Tracey and her beautiful family for over 11 years. I have always admired Tracey’s positive outlook through all the years I have know her. No matter how bad or negative a situation you may be experiencing she illustrates and identifies the positive in what you thought was in your half empty glass. Tracey only sees a full glass. There are no half empty or half full glasses in her eyes……they are all full glasses of LIFE!! Thank you Tracey for being my inspiration and friend. May God continue to rain his blessings on you and your family!!
    Paul Ramos

  2. Tracey Banks is a brave and beautiful woman. She is strong. If one is known by the friends one has, Tracey is a phenomenon in and of herself. The planets in her orbit (or the stars in her crown) reveal just how special she is. She is loved! Tracey has fought way too many battles, but she has not only survived, she has thrived! She has found strength through faith as well as relationships. She is the best kind of fighter. She fights to WIN!! She uses her strength to help not only herself but others as well.

    I am blessed to call her Daughter-in-Love. Thank you, Tracey, for my grandchildren and thank you for loving my son.

  3. Tracey, you are a powerful, spiritual and beautiful lady. I am so happy to know you through my daughter, Dana. Your words of encouragement are incredible and a tender resource for those in need of support. You have a beautiful family and loving friends; what a treasure!!! May the love and the magnificent shield of armor of our Lord and Savior continue to surround you now and always.

    Many Blessings,
    Audrey Brooks

  4. Tracey Banks is my daughter. She is loved beyond a comprehension that only a mother understands, and knows, within her heart, when her child is ill. Tracey is a women of many strengths, yet she possesses a tenderness which enabled her loving family and friends to encircle her in a time of great need. Her dauntless courage inspires others to admire her steadfastness. Even during her illness, people wanted to emulate her strength, and zest for life. I often told her that “to be still and know that he is God”. But she never stopped, because she new that He was using her to help others fight their battles. I am so glad that her journey has enhanced her spirituality.

    Our family is so blessed with her presence. And finally, I am truly grateful that she remains with me, her husband, children, brother, ‘the girls”…. and all the other special people in her life.

    Tracey is my champion, and my heart

    As always and with much love, mom.

  5. Tracey is my friend and soror; I love her deeply! She is a beautiful, spiritual, powerful woman of God and everyone who comes in contact with her feels God’s love and spirit through her. She handled her diagnosis and subsequent treatments with dignity and grace. All of her friends marveled at her strength and calming peace through it all. To know Tracey is to love Tracey. Tracey has a beautiful family and a great network of friends who love and support her. She is truly one of God’s angels who has taught me to handle adversities in life with my head held high looking to Him who is our healer and savior. May God continue to bless and enrich her life.

    Mary Jo Crow

  6. Tracey is a living testimony to faith and overcoming adversity. The most important lessons in my life were learned from her. She is introspective – always seeking to be a better person (as if that were possible) – she makes everyone around her better just by encouraging them to be excellent. She sacrifices for everyone else and is a constant caregiver. I am not sure, without “the diagnosis” that people would have even had the blessed opportunity to care for her. “The Diagnosis” highlighted a severe character flaw in me: I am selfish. She is my sister and my best friend and my life does not work without her. So take that breast cancer. If you are reading this and you don’t know Tracey then you don’t know what you are missing. She is pure love in action.

  7. Mom,
    I could never ask for a better mother. There is no one as spiritual, nurturing and inspirational as you are. Through your strength, I have learned so much. Your bright personality shines through and touches so many lives on a daily basis. You will never realize the impact that you have on those around you. You are the light onto my path, the lamp until my feet, and my soul’s compass.

    I love you with all my heart!

    Your son,


  8. Lady “T” you have been and shall always be a good friend, a confidant, and mentor to me. Upon arriving at the IRS you saw a desire in me to excel, and you took me under your wing and developed that desire; you guided and instructed me on the culture and nuances that I would need to succeed. As a leader and as a friend you helped me to acquire the skills to be successful; you introduced me to movers and shakers within our organization. You always thought of others before yourself, I will strive to help others as you have helped so many of us. Thank you and many blessings to you and your family.

  9. What an inspiration you are, Soror Tracey! Your story is so powerful and uplifting. As I read it, I cried for the first time since walking on the journey with my husband as his cancer returned. He has completed his treatment, and thank God he is in remission again.

    Thank you for sharing your courage, strength, and determination. As others have noted, you have a beautiful spirit, an infectious smile, and a warm heart!

    May God continue to bestow His richest blessings upon you and your family!

    Thanks for being YOU!

  10. Faithfulness. Strength. Dignity. Perserverence. Grace. These are some of the qualities Tracey exhibited as she has dealt with her cancer. From the beginning I knew that things would be alright. I was convinced that God had a further purpose for her, and that this would NOT be the end of her journey, but another pathway in life that would allow her to witness to others. Tracey is one of the strongest people I know, and there was no quit in her. We just needed to know what to do next. She handled all of the news the doctors gave us, and we kept on marching. She didn’t wait for the chemo effects, but got her hair cut early; and I have to say, she made the “baldy” appearance, look good! She was always concerned with how everyone else was doing, and feeling. I admire her grace in handling the adversity she faced. As she has mentioned, I never saw her as anything but the “Baddest Chick on the Block”, and I wasn’t going anywhere.

    To my wife Tracey, I salute you for what you have accomplished, and for being the inspiration you are.
    Love, Howard

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